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Broaden minds through cultural and intellectual enrichment, and the overall perspective that comes with life abroad.


To be an incubator where universities, government and the private sector will collaborate to solve real-life problems.


Provide experiences that create high-impact opportunities that prepare students to become lifelong learners.

Hacienda Sta. Clara is a space dedicated to creating and organizing High Impact Learning Experiences, focused on Faculty-lead Study Abroad Programs.

A space dedicated to creating and organizing High Impact Learning Experiences.

Hacienda Sta. Clara offers a platform for multi-disciplinary international learning experiences to all levels of graduate or post-graduate study, from BA onwards. It allows our students to form an intensive view of the reality represented by Mexico’s social, cultural and economic landscape.

In Hacienda Sta. Clara we believe in the importance of giving students international sensitivity in a multi-disciplinary environment that will promote objectivity and critical, creative thinking.

 Every passing day, these skills are increasingly sought after by companies as they consider new employees, along with the capacity and experience that are implied in living life in a foreign country. We strive to make our students experience top levels of confort while staying abroad.

We are committed

To help in the development of a culture for research and investment in education and technology in Mexico, inspired by the successful examples of our partners in the United States. Hacienda Sta. Clara has all the contacts, knowledge and necessary experience needed to carry out all of the logistical planning, coordinate exclusive access and provide a practical, didactic and, above all, fun and memorable learning experience. Our flexible study programs allow professors and students to forget about the difficult organization required in planning a trip abroad, leaving them free to focus on reaching their learning goals within a safe, dynamic environment.